Ophth Pharma

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Dr. Akhtar J. Khan (Chairman) being an ophthalmologist himself felt that Pakistan needed locally produced ophthalmic medicines which were at par with international standards yet affordable for the population. Hence he conceptualized OPHTH PHARMA, a company specializing in eye products, came into being in 2000.

In 2003, a new division for general medicines was introduced leading to a great advancement in the production of various sterile injectables and infusions, sterile and non-sterile creams, ointments and gels in bulk. Formulations include steroids, antifungals, antivirals, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.

Ophth Pharma achieved another mile-stone with the establishment of the Surgical Suture Division in 2006. Under Dr. Akhtar’s guidance and entrepreneurial vision, Ophth Pharma prides itself in being the first company in Pakistan to manufacture surgical sutures of international standard, such as PGLA (Polyglycolic Lactic Acid), Polypropylene, Silk, Nylon, Chromic Catgut and Stainless Steel cardiac sutures. Raw materials for the sutures are procured from FDA or CE marked companies around the world.

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