About us

Pakistan’s 1st National Company to
Manufacture Surgical Sutures

Ophth-pharma (Pvt.) Ltd started as a pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, exclusively dedicated to the production of ophthalmic products. The plant has capability to produce Eye and Ear drops, creams, ointments, Intraoccular injections and Surgical Sutures. The ocular diagnostic division produces Ophth-Fluorstrip (Fluorescein Sodium) Ophthalmic Diagnostic Strips, Ophth-Schirmer (Schirmer Tear Test Strips), Ophth-Roseben (Rose Bengal) Ophthalmic Diagnostic Strips.

We’re a company that takes on challenges but we do more than treat diseases—we aim to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. We at Ophth pharma are focused and research-driven.

18 years later, we have ventured into medical devices and now are the 1st manufacturer of surgical sutures in the country. We have PGA, Chromic Catgut, Silk and Stainless steel.

What we Do?

strive for improving health outcomes

Pharmaceutical Division

The Ophth pharma plant manufactures Eye drops, Ear Drops. Eye ointments, Gynecological and anaesthetic ointments/creams/gels, intraocular injections and Ophthalmic Diagnostic Strips. The company specializes in producing general injections and infusions.

Surgical Sutures Division

Ophth pharma is the first national company engaged in the production of a variety of Surgical Sutures in a state of the art production facility. Our sutures quality complies with international standards.

Bio International

This is division responsible for import, export and distribution of surgical disposables products, Intra ocular lens and surgical sutures etc.

Ophth pharma(Pvt) Ltd. Certifications