Mahwash A Khan

Dr. Mahwash Khan

MBBS. M.Sc. Community Ophthalmology London

Dr. Mahwash A Khan is Community Ophthalmologist based in Karachi, Pakistan. After completion of her medical degree she subsequently obtained a Masters degree in Community ophthalmology from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK in 2002. Upon her return to Pakistan in 2004, she started her philanthropic work. She joined Pakistan Eye Bank Society and started the School Screening Program. Currently she is working at LRBT as Head of Community Eye Care Pakistan as well as the Director for LRBT School of Ophthalmic Paramedicine. She is committed to providing philanthropic services to communities by providing human resource development in the field of ophthalmic eye Care and enhancing skills of people from within rural and remote areas. In 2010 she was trained in Athens, Greece to screen special children and is also the Clinical Director for the Opening Eyes program for Special Olympics Pakistan Chapter.


Dr. Mahwash Khan

Director Social and Philanthropic Activities
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