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Dr.Akhtar Jamal Khan

An interesting story of an ophthalmic surgeon and an entrepreneur

Ophth - pharma as name indicates, is the outcome of a renowned ophthalmic surgeon
Dr. Akhtar Jamal Khan's dream.
Who was educated and trained in England, did his fellowship (F.R.C.S) from Royal college of England and worked in various capacities from Houseofficer to Consultant for long time in England.

In 1982 he established one of the most prestigious Eye Hospital in Pakistan. It became an institution of excellence and then recognized by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, for post graduate training in Fellowship (FCPS).

Being an ophthalmologist himself, he established an ophthalmic drug company, as locally produced ophthalmic drugs were not up to the international standard. So he decided to establish first Pharmaceutical Company specialized in Ophthalmic products.

Within three years of its existence ophth pharma became one of the top most ophthalmic drug manufacturing company in Pakistan, which was later on ISO Certified by Lloyds of London.

Few years later, new Divisions for General medical products and Herbal products were also introduced, leading to a great advancement in the overall production of various types of medicines.

Now these drugs are exported to various countries of the World

Another milestone was the established of Surgical Suture Divisions, for the production of surgical sutures of all kinds, PGLA (Polyglycolic-Lactic acid) POLYPROPYLENE, SILK, NYLON, STEEL AND CHROMIC CATGUT.The raw materials for these are procured from FDA or CE marked companies around the world.

The vision of this ophthalmologist cum entrepreneur within a span of 30 years has established a group of companies known for their quality.